About DJTalbot & Associates

AT DJ Talbot & Associates we offer the following services:

  • Advice & consultancy on all aspects of IT
  • As professional IT Consultants we have considerable experience with the use of IT Systems in the Small & Medium Enterprise sector.

    Companies with between five and one hundred desktops increasingly find themselves too large for the "local IT shop" and too small to justify a professionally staffed IT department. We can provide expert outsourced consultative services for Clients in this sector across a wide range of industries. Having worked with hundreds of companies across the UK & Ireland we are experts at the successful integration of IT and Business Systems.

    We can assist with :-

    • Strategy Reviews. We continually keep up to date with the latest developments in the fast paced IT industry and are always researching new solutions & technologies that could benefit our Clients. We meet formally with most Clients at a regular interval (usually every 6 months) to review their IT systems and produce a formal Strategy Recommendations report outlining our recommendations for moving forward.

    • Develop IT Policy. With IT taking a central role in most businesses it is imperative that companies develop a professional and structured approach to managing IT systems. We can help if you need advice on developing your employee IT policies, backup procedures, antivirus systems, disaster recovery procedures etc

    • Product or Service Appraisal. If you are thinking of implementing a new IT Product or System you will benefit from a professional independent perspective.

    • Project Management & Coordination. As computer systems begin to invade almost every aspect of business, the "one stop shop" is now rarely a viable option. Increasingly business must integrate systems, products, and services from multiple suppliers in order to find the optimum solution for the business. With our experience in managing IT Projects we can often provide an "umbrella" coordination service to help manage the implementation of an IT solution from multiple suppliers. We can act on your behalf - translating your business and operational requirements into the technical "speak" of your suppliers.

    • Technical Engineering Services. We can provide technical consultancy for the installation & configuration of servers, networks etc. We also have partnerships with service companies who can provide onsite maintenance services across the whole of the UK & Ireland.

    To book a free, no obligation visit call 0800 656 9594 or email

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  • Provision of network infrastructure
  • Any investment in high-cost and fully integrated computer systems can be a frustrating waste of money if your underlying cabling infrastructure has not been designed and installed to the correct standard.

    The rapidly developing functionality of IT solutions is providing increased power at the desktop; consequently this requires an increase in bandwidth and a reduction in tolerance of network faults. Any breakdown in this infrastructure can result in major delays, costs and frustration to both staff and more importantly your customers.

    New technology is providing an increasing number of options for designing and connecting networks, copper, fibre, wireless and laser are now commonplace, but how do you know which is the best solution for your particular needs?

    We are specialists in providing structured cabling network and connectivity solutions to meet the needs of your organisation, our highly experienced team offer a complete service from design through to implementation, including:

    • Requirements analysis & system specification
    • Systems analysis and design
    • Systems analysis and design
    • Integrated voice and data cabling
    • Extensive experience of the specific networking needs of business
    • Fibre optic cabling installation & termination
    • Testing of existing installations with relocations and changes

    All cabling work is complete with site documentation, labelling of all patch panels and outlets.

    To book a free, no obligation visit call 0800 656 9594 or email

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  • Wireless networking
  • We can provide qualified WIFI certified engineers to visit your premises to configure, install, troubleshoot or setup your wireless router or WIFI network.

    A secure wireless network can provide you with freedom of movement anywhere at home or in your office. You can move around with any WIFI-enabled laptop and still have internet and network access to your home or business network.

    If you have broadband internet access and you want to access the internet or your home network without any physical cable connection to your modem or router, then we can help. We will provide FREE consultation on what equipment you may need with an approximate cost of the equipment and the relevant labour charges for the installation of a wireless network.

    We provide cost effective wireless network installation for homes or small-to-medium-size businesses including:
    • Systems analysis and design
    • Adding wireless capability to your existing home or business network
    • Home or business Wi-Fi Network Configuration and setup
    • Cable free, secure wireless network solutions for homes and businesses
    • Wireless WAN / VPN Network solutions for businesses
    • Wireless network security solutions for home or business
    • Wireless network troubleshooting for homes or small-to-medium size businesses
    • Wireless networks for schools, colleges and universities
    • Blackberry Installation Services

    Wireless network stopped working or just isn't reliable?

    If you have an existing network and it's been poor and unreliable or you can't get it to work we can fix this for you. We can offer a solution often without the need to replace or change you existing equipment, incorrect setup or settings is the biggest common factor with WIFI issues.

    To obtain a quote call 0800 656 9594 or email to talk to a consultant

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  • Supply & installation
  • We supply, install and maintain equipment from all mainstream manufacturers including:

    • Dell
    • HP
    • Acer
    • Fujitsu
    • IBM
    • Toshiba

    We will ensure you order the right specification for the job you are doing.

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  • Secure, automated off-site backup
  • Help is available 24/7

    It's automatic, but it's not faceless. We are a UK based firm and help is just a phone-call away if you need it. With years of experience in providing businesses with IT services, you'll always find a friendly person to help here, day or night.

    In the event of the loss of a critical file we will work with you to restore the data providing one to one assistance. In the event of a sever failure we will courier a copy of the data to you so that it arrives to be restored as soon as your server is back on-line. If you are using our hardware support service, a Microsoft Certified Engineer will attend your site with the data and re-build the server back to the state it was as at the last backup.

    A data accident could happen at any time, so don't wait around,
    call 0800 656 9594 or email

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  • Ongoing support
  • Once you have an effective IT system you will find your dependency on the systems working correctly will grow meaning that any issues with the technology will need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. We are able to source hardware from main stream suppliers with 5 year on-site warranties at surprisingly low cost. Hardware maintenance is only half the story however. Most problems with personal computers and servers relate not to the hardware but to the systems running on the hardware, which can be much more difficult to resolve.

    We offer a range of service plans (monthly/annual/per call) which provide anything up to 24 hour/7 day a week cover including telephone support, remote support and if necessary attendance on-site. All support is provided by qualified engineers.

    To book a free, no obligation visit and assessment of your support needs, call 0800 656 9594 or email to talk to a consultant

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  • Bespoke database design & support
  • We have been designing databases for over 20 years and specialise in writing low cost, high quality solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Our database portfolio includes:-

    • Personnel/People Management Systems
    • Club/Society Member Management
    • Trade Union/Staff Association
    • Medical Scheme Management
    • Health & Safety Management
    • Legal Claims Management

    Our systems can be integrated with the complete range of Microsoft products including Exchange/Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. We also offer a highly effective Document Management system that can be used ‘Stand Alone’ or integrated with your database. This system allows documents to be archived via scanner, database Word or Outlook.

    Our systems can also be integrated with a web page allowing data to be obtained from web based forms.

    To book a free, no obligation visit and assessment of your database needs, call 0800 656 9594 or email to talk to a consultant

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  • Secure enviroment clearance
  • When the time comes to dispose of your obsolete equipment you have a legal obligation to ensure that all personal and commercially sensitive data is removed from the hardware before it leaves your control. Simply deleting a file or even formatting a hard disk will not prevent a technically competent person from recovering some, if not all, of your sensitive data. We can arrange for all your data to be deleted to military/government standards and then arrange for the appropriate disposal of your hardware.

    To obtain a quote call 0800 656 9594 or email to talk to a consultant

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